I met a man that wasn’t there


Is there anything more satisfying than a creepy house? Countless stories, real or imagined, lurk in the shadows.

On my way to the dog park I invent stories about the normal suburban houses I pass, the one with the friendly witches, the one that’s haunted, the one that’s home to a grumpy old man.

I’m thrilled to tell you that some of the stories from my over-active brain have found homes in print. Both are scary tales, which is one of my favourite things because I scare easy. The Beast is now in print at Riding Light Review, you can read it online or purchase it here. Lived In, about one of those houses on the way to the dog park, will be in the December edition of Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror.

Hope you’re well and your imagination is home to delirium aplenty.

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