Books make our lives richer. Writers are truth tellers, future predictors and hand holders.

profilepicMy name is Rachel Watts and I am a writer in Perth, Western Australia. I worked in newspapers as reporter, editor and social media manager for eleven years until recently going freelance. I am currently working on a novel and studying a Master’s Degree.

This site is where I tell stories loosely related to books, reading and other literary adventures.  I review books and will of course let you know when my own writing goes into print.

I buy books at local and independent brick and mortar retailers where I can. I also recommend Better World Books for their ethics and prices. I encourage you to check your secondhand bookshop or your local library. Libraries should be valued much more than they are. Free books! I also read many books in Kindle version. Here is a list of ways you can support authors even as you read their books for close to, if not actually, nothing.

What’s the deal with the blog name? This from TV show Black Books.